Why You Can’t Handstand | 3 Biggest Mistakes

Most people can’t handstand.

Are you willing to accept the three main reason why you’re a non-handstander?

It’s easy to make excuses for yourself and tell yourself it’s just too hard, but the reality is you’ve probably been misinformed about how to do handstand and this is leading to the three biggest mistakes I see in handstand (and in sports, in general):

  1. You’re overworking
  2. You’re rushing
  3. You’re afraid

These three things, especially when combined, make it almost impossible to take on any challenge with poise and grace.

My theory is that by improving on each of these mistakes in your handstand practice, you will be able to start eliminating them from other aspects of your life. I believe this will make you a better athlete, competitor, and person.

So, this isn’t just about handstand, it’s about being efficient (not overworking), having a plan (not rushing), and building experience and confidence (not afraid) in everything you do.

For now, let’s start with three things you can do to improve your handstand, today.

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About the Author:

Joe is the Founder of Icewater Yoga. Fascinated by the intersection of yoga and sport, his goal is to help athletes develop a consistent yoga practice. He lives in Claremont, CA with his wife, Jill.