The One Thing Nobody Realizes About Handstand

We only see one thing when it comes to handstand: the handstand.

Like an upside-down statue, not a single body part is moving and it looks like they can just hold it forever.

What we don’t realize about handstand is your ability to do it has more to do with what happens before handstand than what’s happening while your handstanding.

Most attempts to handstand pay very little (if any) attention to the entry into handstand, but it’s secretly the most important part of handstanding and is the main determining factor in whether or not you’ll have a successful handstand.

I don’t want you to be that person who just jumps and hopes (and probably crashes), so I made this video explaining how to enter into handstand with a plan.

The main focus here is how you use your body, especially your legs, to enter into handstand with poise and control so you can hold your handstand with poise and control.

More specifically, this video review the follow seven options for entering into handstand:

  1. Tick Tock
  2. Single-Leg Press
  3. One-Knee Bend
  4. Tuck Up
  5. Pike
  6. Straddle
  7. Press

Some are more advanced than others, but any of them will give you a strong entry into handstand.

Having a plan and a purpose is so important when it comes to any challenge we face. Here we learn the skill of planning with a purpose so we can bring it into our everyday lives (not just handstand!).

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About the Author:

Joe is the Founder of Icewater Yoga. Fascinated by the intersection of yoga and sport, his goal is to help athletes develop a consistent yoga practice. He lives in Claremont, CA with his wife, Jill.