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Handstand Journey

Moderate-High Intensity

This course uses the goal of achieving a “middle-of-the-room” handstand as a means to teach skill and technique that can be applied to every yoga pose and class. Each of the 8 full-length classes in this course come with a set of preparatory lectures that explain the technique applied in the class. The only way to learn handstand is by doing it. The quickest and best way is doing it with knowledge and skill.

  • 8 classes (~35 min. per class)

  • 22 tutorials (~3 min. per tutorial)

  • 5.5+ hours of class content

  • Full lifetime access

  • No subscription required

  • 30-day Money-Back Guarantee


Full Course Price: $20


Your Teacher

Joe Pace

Joe Pace


Joe teaches highly physical classes with opportunities to explore new possibilities in your practice. As a former college baseball player, Joe shares opportunities to be athletic in challenging experiments.

What You’ll Be Doing

  • 67 min – 22 short tutorials to prepare you for each class

  • 33 min – Hands, Arms, and Shoulders

  • 34 min – Core and Hips

  • 33 min – Lower Body

  • 34 min – Inverting and Duration

  • 33 min – Balancing

  • 32 min – Entries

  • 35 min – Pressing and Leg Variations

  • 40 min – Handstanding

Total: 341 minutes (5.5+ hours)

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30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

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