How to Handstand (Before You Can Handstand)

Handstand Before You Can Handstand

I promise, this makes sense.

“Handstand” technically refers to balancing the body weight on the hands with the legs overhead.

Now that we have that definition in place, can you see the loophole?

Before I tell you, let’s compare our definition of handstand to the most common definition of handstand.

For most, “handstand” means something very specific: balancing a completely vertical body, legs together and pointing straight and vertical, body completely motionless.

This rigid definition of handstand is what makes us think we can’t handstand. But, our new definition is broader and allows for a lot of customization.

Have you figured out the loophole yet?

It’s the legs. Your legs don’t have to be completely vertical and pressed together for you to be doing a “handstand”. All you need to do is balance your weight on your hands with your legs overhead.

So, what can you do with your legs to handstand (our definition) before you can handstand (old definition)?

That’s what this video is all about. In it, you’ll learn how to use your legs to 1) lower your center of gravity, 2) widen your center of gravity, and 3) use a support system.

By doing these three things, your chances of balancing your weight on your hands is going to be much more realistic and you can start intelligently working towards that old definition of handstand (which is really only one version of the pose).

Working smarter, in this way, will make your handstand journey much more fun and exciting. Enjoy.

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About the Author:

Joe is the Founder of Icewater Yoga. Fascinated by the intersection of yoga and sport, his goal is to help athletes develop a consistent yoga practice. He lives in Claremont, CA with his wife, Jill.