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Course Packages

Intro to Yoga with Luna Pierson

Intro to Yoga

10 classes - 7+ hours - $20
Complete introduction to yoga in 10 classes
Layna Dakin Go-To Flow

Go-To Flow

11 classes - 5+ Hours - $20
A complete set of classes designed to become your “go-tos”
Runner's Recovery Yoga

Runner’s Recovery

12 classes - 6+ hours - $20
Address running-specific tightness with mindful stretching and movement
Comfort Corner with Alex Roberts

Comfort Corner

11 classes - 6.5 hours - $20
Chill back and coax new openness and relief throughout the body
While Your Kid Naps with Nicole Sciacca

While Your Kid Naps

5 classes - 2 hours - $10
Engage your whole body before your kid(s) wake(s) up!
Handstand Journey with Joe Pace

Handstand Journey

30 classes - 5.5 hours - $20
30-step journey to build your handstand from the ground up
Badass Babe Series with Amanda Huggins

Badass Babe Series

7 classes - 3.5 hours - $15
7-part, thematic, physically challenging, and energetically comforting journey
Advanced Practice with Yancy Schwartz

Advanced Practice

5 classes - 6.5 hours - $20
Designed for advanced students to continue advancing

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