Am I Doing this Right? 5 Yoga Pose Tests

Here’s how not to be that confused-looking person in a yoga class.

I remember when I first started practicing yoga. Almost everything I did in class was followed by an “am I doing this right?” in my head.

This went on for a long time and I ended up injuring my knee and pushing through hours of confusion on the yoga mat. Somehow I stuck with it…

I imagine most people experience something similar when they first come to yoga. “Is this right?”, “Where does this foot go?”, “What the hell did the teacher just say?”.

So, for the people in the same spot I was in not too long ago, this tutorial is meant to give you the 5 most important physical alignment principles you need to know when you’re first starting out with yoga. I’ll also give you a few tests you can try out in your own body so you can start to develop the muscle memory of the techniques.

In my experience, most teachers don’t talk about these things in class. It’s not because they’re unaware, it’s more because they have a lot of things to think about and don’t always have the opportunity to cue every alignment principle in class.

In this tutorial, I break down the following poses (or category of poses) so you can be less confused and more engaged in yoga class:

  1. Downward Facing Dog
  2. Transition from Chaturanga to Up Dog
  3. Forward Folding
  4. Lunging
  5. Twisting

Here’s to less confused looks and more expressionlessness on the yoga mat!

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About the Author:

Joe is the Founder of Icewater Yoga. Fascinated by the intersection of yoga and sport, his goal is to help athletes develop a consistent yoga practice. He lives in Claremont, CA with his wife, Jill.